Twisting on an incline bench

Twisting Incline skameSkruchivanie – a rise in the direction of the body to the knees and shoulders, keeping the waist from the bench. Very quickly twist on the usual, a horizontal bench becomes too easy for athletes, then comes to the aid ingenuous trick – setting a bench at an angle that makes the work against the force of gravity and increases the load on the muscles of the abdomen. Dynamic working here the upper part of the rectus abdominis muscle, but some burden falls on its lower lobe.

Basic working muscles: the rectus abdominis, obliques.

Secondary: muscle flex the leg at the hip joint.

Twisting on an incline bench skameVam need regular, you can put one end on a – some elevation from the drive rod, etc., or mounted in the wall bars. And if you are in the well-equipped gym, and there certainly has a special trainer for the media with the ability to change the angle of the bench.

Options: You can do the exercise sitting on one end of the bench and his legs dangling down, or lying down, but only at a slight angle, so as not to move out of it.

Twisting Incline skameTehnika performance: set a bench at an angle of 20 – 30 degrees, or more – it all depends on your level of fitness. Sit on the edge of the bench, firmly fixing the bottom of the lower leg, under a special roller. Get a hands behind his head, neck hugging them or cross them in front of him.
From this position, slowly start to fall back, and, be careful not to straighten your back – it should be rounded. If you fail to comply with this condition, it will feel a very strong tension in the lower back, which is absolutely unnecessary. Do not lie completely on the bench at the bottom, do not try to touch her shoulder blades, lower yourself completely for a short distance, as long as there remains a – the tension in the muscles of the abdomen. As soon as you feel the growing tension in the lower back – stop lowering of the body and begins the ascent, and be sure to pay attention to the fact that the back was rounded during this phase.
Making this kind of twisting each workout, combined with at least one more exercise (eg, leg lifts in the vise), you are perfectly strengthen abdominal muscles, improve their tone and improve the appearance.



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